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Optional 4 Birding by elephant trekking at Woodpecker Land, Alaungdawkassapa National Park



"Any birder who wants to combine birding and elephant righting as a safari tour in evergreen rain forest should choose this optional tour to Alaungdawkassapaa National Park. This tour is designed for bidders who love to see many different species of woodpecker at a same place. Accommodation is at a forest guest house and meals should be in your package. From November to April is possible to do this tour. If you need detail itinerary and more information, please let us know without hesitation."

Map and Itinerary

Yangon ~ Mandalay ~ Monywa ~ Kapine Village ~ Alaungdawkassapa National Park ~ Kapine village ~ Monywa ~ Mandalay ~ Yangon, ( 5 days / 4 nights )

Day 1. Bagan / Mandalay – Alaungdawkassapa National Park
Day 2. Alaungdawkassapa National Park
Day 3. Alaungdawkassapa Natioanl Park by Elephant
Day 4. Alaungdawkassapa National Park – Bagan / Mandalay by 4WD

Day 1. Bagan / Mandalay ~ Monywa ~ Alaungdawkassapa National Park

We can start this tour from Bagan or Mandalay, In the early morning, proceed to Monywa by car for 4 hours driving. We will cross the Chindwin River over the bridge and drive to Kapine village. After 20 miles off road adventure driving, we will be in village. In the evening, continue to Alaungdawkassapa National park. It will be nearly whole day driving. Dinner and night stop will be at the forest camp.

Day 2. Alaungdawkassapa National Park

After breakfast, we will start our birding in the Alaungdawkassapa National park. We will make whole day birding in the forest. It is really protected forest area for a long time. It is one of the earliest national parks in Myanmar. Some wild animals would be seen if we are lucky. If you prefer we can visit elephant camp to observe their daily activity and way of life of the people who live at the elephant camp in the forest. And then, we will continue our birding in the deep forest. Dinner and overnight at forest camp will make you to be pleasure.

Day 3. Adventure Birding and Safari by Elephant Trekking

After breakfast, visit Alaungdawkassapa cave by elephant trekking for one hour. One the ay we can make good birding. Alaugndawkassapa is name of holy monk in Buddhist history. Birding by elephant trekking among the long elephant grass and muddy river areas will make you to be in an adventure trip. Elephant trekking on a forest hill and up and down along the small stream will serve you to enjoy the your birding and safari, beauty of nature wildlife, many bird species, wild animals, various butterflies and colorful wild orchids. In the evening, we will make our birding again along the Thapeiksay creek. It is the best place for our safari also. If you are lucky, we will see bear, dear and guar and etc. In the evening, we will back to the forest camp. Dinner and overnight at the forest guest house looks like camping in a deep forest.

Day 4. Alaungdawkassapa National Park ~ Kapine village ~ Monywa ~ Mandalay/ Bagan

In the morning, proceed back to the Kapine village for 20 miles by making a safari tour. On the way back, take our time easy for birding and enjoy the nature. Lunch stop will be at Monywa. In the late afternoon, continue to Mandalay or Bagan by car.