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Optional 2 " Spoon-Billed Sandpiper Expectation"



“Spoon-Billed Sandpiper Expectation” is arranged only from November to March ( Bird migration time to Myanmar). We do recommend it on full-moon day because Spoon-Billed Sandpiper is easy to fine on high tie at full- moon day. Accommodation will be on traditional fishing boat, very basic. Meals should be on package. This optional tour should be booked in advance. If you need more detail information, please contact our team". In our experiences, this trip is suitable for adventure lovers because of very basic infrastructure especially boat. You will need to stay about two days o ne night on these small boat. It is quite difficulties to fine Spoon-Billed Sandpiper in that area. But you will have grade chance to see shore birds on the same trip.

Map and Itinerary

Yangon – Kyaikhto - Gulf of Moattama-Yangon (3Days / 2 Nights)

Day 1. Yangon – Kyaikto - Golf of Moattama by car and boat
Day 2. Gulf of Moattama on boat
Day 3. Gulf of Moattama on boat
Day 4. Gulf of Moattama - Kyaikto – Yangon

Day 1 .Yangon – Kyaikhto

In the morning, drive to Kyaikhto for about 3 hours and continue to Kotheze village for next 30 minute. On our arrival at the village, we will meet all of our boat members and have a lunch at the village. After take a short rest, start our boat drive to the gulf of Moattama when high tide. We will need to sleep on a small boat.

Day 2 and 3 . Kyaikhto , Gulf of Moattama

Breakfast will be served on boat and start our Spoon Billed Sandpiper expedition with low tide. It will be whole day around the gulf of Moattama. Lunch will be on boat. In the evening, we will drive back to the village with high tide. On our arrival time at the village, transfer to a guest house at Kyaikhto for one night stop.

Day 4 . Kyaikhto – Yangon

In the morning, drive back to Yangon. On the way, we can do some more birding at Moeyingyi or Hlawgar National Park. In the evening, arrive at Yangon and check in hotel.